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1. Blue Lights

I am standing at the shore; see the ferries passing by; waiting for the final day; which almost never comes; I will never understand; why I've lost you; remembering your face again; when I found you; ...

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2. Former Occupants

Former Occupants; ; Ten thousand years ago; beings were living on the earth; there was plenty of green land; but there was no mirth; they increased by a billion fold; so ther was misery, and hunger; t...

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3. Future

Future; ; I am living in your future; determined by your actions; never know what life brings; you set the directions; You have been living in my past; determining my fate; never know what will come; ...

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4. Hangman

The moon shines through the clouds; see the black bird on a tree; his voice is loud, and clear; I think he is laughing at me; I am writing a last letter; while I wait for my end; and I am still wonder...

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5. Nightmare

Nightmare; ; Run down an empty corridor; where all the doors are locked; It streches so far out; ther is no end in sight; your time is flying away; and you're still on the run; no idea where to look; ...

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6. On Helloween

On Helloween; ; On helloween night they visited us; broke our door, and knocked me out; raped my girl, and took her life; but, I, I've survived; all the time I'm alone; remembering that cruel night; I...

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7. Starlight

Starlight; ; Firelight caught in your eyes; twin blue glimmers beneath your brows; the reflections of their shadows; are there on your stubby nose; In your eyes I see the glimmers; like spilled treasu...

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8. The System

The System; ; The television tells; how you must behave; this is the institution; which really rules our state; We are living in a dictatorship; but none will believe; the people her are mute, and bli...

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