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1. Here We Go

Mistakes somehow brought us here; Together in this crazy mess; I can't explain but I wouldn't change a thing (nope); Relationships they seem so on and off; Does he love me or does he not? Well at leas...

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2. I Know Better

I got a way, got a way to tell; When a bluff, when a bluff; When a bluff is told; And I see that you're, see that you're lying; And under your spell I'm not falling; I like the way you talk and the wa...

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3. I Live You

Whenever I feel lonely; I make you present; All I do is close my eyes and I can see you; It happens all so fast; You take me to another world, another place; No just I can't explain the feelings that ...

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4. Last Shot

I think about you every day and every night; I can't wait 'till I get to be by your side; You're on my mind, all the time like a radio; But lately I've been losing your signal; Why do you have to be l...

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5. Un-Break My Heart

Once a upon a time, not so long ago; When love was the only thing we owned; Back when love was all we owned; We we're making plans, dreams were being born; Sweet and innocent, until that page was torn...

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