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1. Democracy

The time has come to scorch the earth; And to start again clean; Bend the people to our will; With propaganda machines; Reconstruct the heirarchy; Revolution starts right here; Nihilistic anarchy; Obe...

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2. Dream For Tomorrow

Lost in the depths of your hapless facade; Your pious contempt brings you closer to God; Judgement and sentence the company you keep; Bitter resentment that rocks you to sleep; Life is a game that you...

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3. Emotion

Sun, throw shadows cross the floor; That leak into my soul; Blackness tossed against the wall; The room feels so cold; The alibis you gave; Were promises in vain; Echoes of impermanence; Voices from t...

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4. Forsaken

I heard your name the other day; And it cut me like a blade; I guess that time cannot heal every wound; Some memories never fade; I wish that we could just get back in line; And pick up where we left ...

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5. Hello, Baghdad

I am the prince of the burning shores; Selling the promise of virgins and whores; Of war, filth and disease; Bringing humanity to its knees; Keep manipulating; Still anticipating; Stop for a moment; M...

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6. Killing Fields

This war is a lie; Judge the righteous from their place on high; But I wonder who they'd blame; If their ivory towers were set aflame; And how did it seem; To watch 9/11 on a tv screen? While we lived...

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7. Martyrdom

Underneath a crimson sky; Your memory haunts me deep inside; As the desperation and dismay; Shed like tears of blood; Do you still love me, after all I've done? Please forgive me. Can you give me love...

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8. Momentum

The world sags beneath our weight; Parasites, we suck it dry; Like rats lost in a maze; Stupid creatures born to die; There is no destiny; No higher hand of fate; No place in history; Just eternity to...

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9. Not The World I Remember

There is a feeling I can't hide; It leaves me bored and black inside; There was a story I once knew; It started with me and ended with you; Somebody tell me; Where did we go wrong; This is not the wor...

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10. The Heart Of America

We take our orders from the evening news; Paper dolls with political views; Find religion on the radio; The more you listen, the more you know; Sell the lie in a new pop song; No one questions as they...

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11. Vengeance

Swirling all around you; Are the rumors people spread; Vicious lies that terrorize; And fill their swollen heads; They hide behind computer screens; Planning their attack; Smiling eyes disguise their ...

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