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1. A Crack In Time

1,2,1,2,3,4; sit back by the corner; in the backroom of the one; the one i've been waiting; right where i was at the table next to you; we'll laugh so excited; and i'll try to think of something; to s...

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2. Call Me The Sea

Call me the sea, old and wise. I'll cover all the stones and the lies. Lay me down, lay me down. If there's a will, I'll find your voice. It's calling another day to night. ; Call me the sparrow and I...

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3. Put Me In Your Play

She wrote a play about her life; She put the pages in the mail; My heart was fast as I read eacjh line; I saw myself with a different name; Did I wear you down? Did I push you away? If you don't want ...

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4. Small Planet

I was born a world ago; On top of rocks and under snow; In the corner of your eye; I tried to hold your hand; You could count the flowers here; We've got no time for drinkin’ beer; We took a walk arou...

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5. The Ballad Of Gus And Sam

I'm an honest guy I've got no reason to lie; you're a superstitious girl you put a spell on the world; the conversations great yeah i can tell; things are moving fast like a bat out of hell; i can los...

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6. Tickets To Crickets

I won't ever change a single thing about today; This might be the part when you will start; To feel the same; Once I get your name; I'm home, I'm homefree; You won't want no one but me; All this talk ...

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