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1. Dreams Of Lost Daylight

Dreams Of Lost Daylight; Their cursed blood seeped into the ground; Gnawed and broken bones now bound; They spoke to me in a voice I felt as much as I heard; Each syllable the roaring of an ocean; I c...

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2. Embrace Despair

Embrace Despair; When night does not give way to day; And children are too scared to play; Abandon hope, embrace despair; You’re destined for my demon’s lair; Dance with me around my pyre; Soon to fil...

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3. Illusions

Illusions; As I lay in my bed - bed of death; I turn my head - sunbeam in my eyes; I wish awake - or that I had fled; And that I had not told them all lies; As I turn my head in bed; I face the black ...

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4. Insignificant

Insignificant; A single red orb dives behind the vast blue velvet; Fragments that have been cracked/ torn since innocence; Old hands are making sure of the deteoration of the world; Assuring that the ...

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5. The Fifth Horseman

The Fifth Horseman; The reaper’s arrived, there’s no time to run, Then all you can do is take part in the fun. Slaying and killing is all that you do, Your victims are crying : ’Oh can this be true’. ...

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6. To Be Torn Apart

To Be Torn Apart; If thou are bold and pure of heart; Come down here and be torn apart; Does my being amuse you? All to my dismay – I think I do! Don’t feed my fucking fuse; Try to chest to chest me –...

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7. Trust The Machine

Trust The Machine; I say: This time you'll come with me; It'll take - your life; Before the other side you'll see. ; Too proud to beg - You're too proud to beg; You're too proud to get down on your kn...

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