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1. After All These Years

When the bulbs burn out, and all is free, And the night is huddled at my feet, I'm still chasing dreams relentlessly, Even after all these years. ; I don't need to pretend that I own my life. ; Wisdom...

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2. Dream

Its getting aggravating, getting nervous smiles from everyone I ever see. We weren't meant to make it. it's just some chance we take to leave something we don't need. ; We dream of staring at the sea....

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3. Eden

I land here everytime with nothing in the end. I chose the safest desire that ended on a whim. ; I'd like to go back in time, and I'd decide again. But, I know that its too late; she's gone to bolder ...

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4. Getting In a Mess

Here you go; you're falling out of love again. It eats you up inside, but you just have to win. You're getting out, but getting in a mess. ; Books spell out his name in every page you read. Pillows mo...

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5. I'd Give It All Back

Dearest understanding, you have opened my eyes. I could be what I should be, if only for our seperate lives. Am I leading you on? The hardest part of faking it every night is building up a bridge agai...

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6. Is It Easier?

A final memory could never be enough. And what she's been through is what you're suffering from. But, now's the time to weep and let her fly. Is it easier when you send the pain away? And I'll never b...

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7. Make It Through

I wait for a friend to come and make me warm. Alone outside this cold december day. Some wonder why I wait and who for. 'cause so far I'm not drawing any names. I don't expect to find one anyway. ; I ...

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8. North

You started out as a desperate point in my life, honestly. Saving fun for yourself and leaving all the love to me. As solid as you seem, you know I see straight through. Sometimes I wonder why I ever ...

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9. Now I See

I'll give you everything you ever made, For lost positions you have tried to save. I hope that you are getting what you need. Our bridge is down from holding harmful weight. I'm sobbing over never end...

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10. The Current

You're sailing far away. Where do you have to go? You're finding that its worth; Every mile you have to row; To see whatever you are looking for. ; I'd like to regulate; Every wave that you create. If...

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11. The Price I Pay

First, you were mine, So I know where you're coming from. How does it feel to be broken then lifted up? I used to pretend to forget all those memories. I can't even see what loneliness has done to me....

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12. Wrong and Right

Sunshine, peeking past the scales that blot my eyes, just blinds my way. Sleepless nights, unending and distorted everytime, erase the day. ; We decide what's wrong and right. ; No one knows what its ...

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