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1. Progressive Downfall

Progressive Downfall; Filled with hate and manic diversified personalities; You clutch to the strings of your morbid reality; From within I feel this pain in my heart; Slave of mind; Denial of self; T...

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2. Sanity's Mask

Sanity's Mask; Cripped in this delusional phase; I wither away in my solitary prison of pain; Staring through the cracks in the wall; Where did I go wrong? My blessed wings have been clipped; Burden o...

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3. Tool Of Damnation

Tool of Damnation; Devoted to a non-existant mythical being; Idolizing images crafted by mortal hands; Spewing artificial dogma from their mouth; A pestilent spreading disease... infectious! Deriding ...

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4. Vagabond

Vagabond; Trapped in this anchor of flesh; Like a whirlwind of everlasting pain; Entangled in cobwebs of blind destiny; I'm restrained to this world like a puppet to it's strings; Questioning my sanit...

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