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1. Evoking Jormungandr

Thor spoke; Cast into the pit; A severed head with horns as hooks; I offer the gift of death; To the son of abomination; The bloated sky cracks; And the blood of the ancient giant churns; In pestilent...

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2. Helcult

Here we stand, at the end of all things; No battle left unfought; With warped weapons and a tattered flag; We light the final torch; Forged in the underworld; Through death we were given life; We took...

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3. Jotunheim

I know a place outside of this world; Beneath the serpent, beyond the reach of gods; A black tunnel, it's door facing north; Only the helblind, can see into its darkness; I've walked the roads that de...

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4. Legacy In Ashes

Eradication; Total destruction; Malediction ripped from bloated tongues; Empowered through torment and drenched in death; I have fed on the pyres burning high; Consuming ash and blood, I am given life...

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