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1. Asleep

Lost in my mind's prison cell; I'd give up anything to grieve for sanity; The collapse of myself in my own hell; I dream to be free; The poison comes from inside; Flows through the veins; It erodes al...

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2. Beneath The Skin

Living a life thru vivid dreams; Hovering over the clouds; Seeing the world behind a raven's eye; The beast, kin of the morning star; Owner of an unbreakable skin; Raging through the battle and fire; ...

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3. Caliban

I'd seek you even in the deepest maelstrom; of the blackest tempest of the darkest night; My father and creator, Stand up and face immortality; See through the shadows I came from; [Pre-Chorus]; How c...

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4. Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes; Lyrics by Desireé Rezende; Music by André Baida; I see when I close my eyes; I can find my way to divine; Light darkness with the sight of you; You can see it through my heart; I can feel y...

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5. Downfall

Mesmerized by addictions; Petrified by afflictions; We gave up the fight; And all the dreams and wishes; We share; But we fall down; Falling deep into the; Same old lies; We are falling down; We lose ...

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6. Fearless Heart

Born from the celestial dome; Myths rise, myths rise from the dark night sky; Exploding eclipses into the blood moon; Unfolding the prophecy once told; The teeth and rage of the wild wolf; Exploding e...

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7. Fenrir's Last Howl

A heart full of rage can be blessed to give life? Can't you feel the fury within while the serpents; walk beside you? Yes, I can feel; I'm the son of Fenrir, I'm a son of Hate; I have the strong fangs...

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8. From Porcelain To Ivory

All the lies and all the pain; I can't regret I can't complain; Turned into a skin of porcelain; And made me who I am; All the pain you've put me through; made my skin thicker; made me bitter, that's ...

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9. Keep You Close To My Heart

I dream 'bout you again; Look upon your serene face; And though I wish you never left; Feels good to know you are in peace; Still hurts in me, but I'll be alright; How brave was your fight; How adaman...

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10. Stolen Innocence

Will I ever lay down my head in peace? Knowing it all you took away from me; And now I have to face my scars; And now I have to overcome myself; It's always hidden in the inside; I can't pretend that ...

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