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1. Dawn Of God

From the top of the hills, White snow and crisdom ice; A red light announces dawn; In the holy land of Asgard; Wotan lies on his couch; From his wounds blood’s falling down…; Of that war, the giant ba...

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2. Frozen Ocean

Ships are carried by a heavy wind; Waves are screaming with a giant roar; Water hills are squashing on the desk; Humans fighting against the tempest; Aegir Island is in sight; God of Ocean, Shepherd o...

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3. The Wanderer

Whispers of the East; And gossips from the North Land; I'm the Wanderer; The Elder; As Earth was young I was alone; Humans were like larvae in the ground; Ymir's sons ruled the world; 'til Wotan's bir...

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4. The White Deer

Celles qui vont au bois, C'est la mère et la fille; La mère va chantant, mais sa fille soupire; Qu'a-vous à soupirer, ma blanche Marguerite; J'ai bien trop d'ire en moi, et n'ose vous le dire; Reflexi...

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