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1. Come Down Here

Come down here hold my hand; I will always be your friend; And it won't change ever again; Ever; Feel the fire bright and warm; Like the place we grew up on; Down the street fooling around; Doing noth...

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2. Ebony

Ebony these are the ways of society, reach for the sun; There is no sun, you are the lonely one; Ebony these are the facts, this is reality; Theyll drag you down; Theyll break your heart and turn your...

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3. Everytime I Wake Up

If I had 48 hours in a day; Then I could get my sleep knowing it's okay; I'm all worn out I cannot see things through; What am I trying to prove to myself; Put yourself in my shoes and slap on a smile...

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4. Last Word

If I was you and you were me; And we were living the good life; It possibly would end up; In discussions but no fights; Tranquilize just to see what we've become; Wouldn't it be great; With changes fo...

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5. Mrs.cruver

Mrs.Cruver and I were together for a while, but that is over now; Times are changing, I'm a scum; Guess I aint the only one you will ever see around, walking roadless in this town; My mind recalls upo...

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6. One Day In June

Me and Michelle Ricardo had a secret of few; We were always trying to hide it; From the people we knew; We had a thing going on; And we knew how to have some fun; She could have gotten it all; But she...

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7. Up In Tears

What a bunch of crap to say; You're leaving in a day; I don't know if it's a joke or a lie; A better offer has been made; She's moving far away; I don't know if I'll laugh or I'll cry; But on the bott...

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