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1. Ancient Hatred

We have been present since the slaying of tiamat; Observing, Astonished, by the human vanity; We have seen, your mistakes, been repeated year by year; But still your, revelations, keeps you crying for...

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2. Crimson Silence

Domination, all mens dream, the power to shape all others fate; What if we take for granted, was taken from us, how would we react? not our nightmare could reflect the heat,light and rumble, that tank...

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3. Final Destination

Walking my way trough endless mist, i seek for solitude, the path is chosen, the moonlight guides my way; vision, betrayal, lost in the fog, shadows dancing by my side. ; I´m closing in; My journey ha...

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4. With Strength I Burn

In despair we screamed out for help why did no one answer? Wasn’t the torture and slaughter enough? I will no longer wait, with bombs on my body; I will blow their superior faces all down to hell; My ...

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