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1. Airbrushed

I feel decisions in my hand; Electric lights and airbrushed sights; The ones that seem so real; And I feel your pain; I feel your; I’ll see if you give a damn; I know your future like the lay of the l...

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2. All I Know

It started out good; Like fairytale; No one got hurt; Cause truth came first; Beautiful; Left unconditional; You stood right by; But I drifted away; I should have stayed; But I lost faith; I knew you'...

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3. Demons

Well, hello old friend! The night is dark and I feel cold; The sun is setting, I need to get out before it starts; I can feel it and I know it's not the same; I'm the one you're the drug to ease my pa...

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4. I See Stars

I’ll find the light where there’s no light; Where there’s no light; I’ll make the day seem longer than night; Seem longer than night; Hold up your hand, you must be counted; You must be counted; Look ...

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5. Last Forever (The Chainsmokers Remix)

On and on with our escape; We're driving out of the city together; Feel the breeze against your face; You touch my hand, a warm embrace forever; If I could freeze this frame; So things won't change; N...

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6. Lies

Look up look up im bleeding; How long how long till were in love; Wait by wait by your feelings; Am I am I just dreaming; I want you to stop with me tonight; I want you to stop with me tonight; Look o...

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7. Stop and Stare

I see you there like a light in the sky; Don't give up; I'll fight if you show me a sign; The monkeys on exile; They're screaming cause they know it's time; The city sleeps not knowing the reason why;...

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