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1. Dead Wrong

Why you acting all brand new? When you know that we're through, through, through; See you checkin' up on me; But there's nothing you can do, do, do; Sick and tired of your stupid games; Ain't your bab...

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2. Fxxk Boyz Get Money

You ain't turnin' me on with that ish; Hang up the towel, move on, and just quit; You can't hang with the pro team baby; Big girl games and I up and played ya; Runnin' runnin' yeah I'm gunnin' gunnin'...

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3. Girls Night Out

"Riri, are you ready? "; "I'm leaving my house in 15 minutes"; (Girls night out); "I'm trying to get fucked up tonight"; (Let's go out); "Let's go"; Pregame at my house; Oh shit don't wear that blouse...

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4. Kill The Dj

You like to flash your money money; Not impressed about it about it; I move so fast fast quicker; You left behind made my move; You keep doing what you do; Got my finger on the trigger; Bang bang; Oop...

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5. Kiss The Rain

It's been thirty six days; And a couple hours since I saw your face; And the words you whispered left me in a daze; I've been memorizing every single phrase; You said as you walked away; An ocean in b...

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6. L.C.S

What I want; What I need; L. C. S; (Action!); Come beat hit me; Take me to the floor; Beat beat me; Leave me wanting more; Hey beat won't you make me scream; Hey groove move me; Feed it let it grow; G...

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7. Pow!

(Oh oh oh oh); Yeah, I'm like a superhero when it comes to lovin'; Yeah I pack a punch, back it up Batman and Robin; You stutter 'n stutter n' stu stu stu stutterin'; I can't hear the sound coming out...

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8. The Real Thing

Boy we been sos for way too long; I'm 'bout to quit the download; (What you stopping me for, you're holding the door); Initiate and get it started; It's time to break down the code; (Information in so...

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9. Unbreakable

Some say that nothing's ever meant to last; There's no way that you can ever stop the crash; But I say, "let the rain, let the rain come down; Let it weaken the ground (?) "; Cuz we will stand forever...

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10. Wannabe

She got that; She, she, she got that; She's got that S. E. X; Sex ready to go; Turning head all day like a G. T. O; Here she comes just-a walkin'; Wanna wear those shoes; She's got that doody-diddy yu...

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11. We Flood The Night

With sweet slow kisses all over my face; You take my hand when you're calling my name; Two young hearts just beating the same; Love's drowning here; Flood up the night; And we- up- the night; And we f...

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12. Whiplash

Don't break your neck, love; Because she's gorgeous; She'll never take care of a quadraplegic; (And now this) neck brace; Will be your necklace; And I don't want you; When I'm all you need, yeah; You ...

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13. White Noise

We're so semi-automatic, ecstatic, dramatic; Up to no good, erratic; (And) so fanatic when we hit the dance floor; Bass is pumpin' and thumpin'; Super stompin' we at it jumping'; Like it's new years e...

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