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1. All I Need

'Cuz I live to get lost; in lazy afternoons with you; I want a give any cause; to turn this day into a few; 'Cuz just one kiss; is all I need; take my hand and leave me lead you; far away to an empty ...

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2. If You Could Be Anywhere

If I had a plane, then where would I fly to? If I had to use my brain for something else; tell me what would I do? And if I had a strange conversation with a lady in a; waiting room about leaving all ...

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3. Let's Take It Back

So you can take a lookin; my crystal ball, tell me what you see. Nothing at all. Because the pastit’s not last; quite long enough. Didn’t notice it; would be so rough. ; Ah, misspent youth, time well ...

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4. Time Isn't Healing

Tick Tock goes the clock; Time is going so slow; And I'm supposed to be fast asleep; A couple hours ago; So I, I need to exercise; A right I've got to rest these eyes; And I, I need to knock on some d...

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5. Time Well Spent Medley

And I remember sharing lips with her; The coming weeks were to be a blur. Cuz time with her is like no other, She can make a winter's day feel like the summer. ; And it's so so nice to have her alone;...

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