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1. After The Rain

There's no sunshine anymore - Dark clouds cover your sky; There's not much hope left - You ask yourself why; Thunder and rain all around - Life has its stormy seasons too; Many things have gone wrong ...

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2. Cyberspace

Present time decays so fast It's tomorrow we're heading for; No one thinks about the past No place for misery and war; Technology's evolution grows Uncertain power is yet to come; Mankinds future no o...

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3. Disappointed

I fall in love - just love for you This feeling could last forever; I am alone and fantasize I won't accept "never"; You're disappointed recently You've hurted and you're in misery; You have tried to ...

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4. Freedom

Born to be suppressed Our Fate seems to be sealed; We Work for high society All Day we slave away; We won't accept our destiny And we'll fight for our right; Let's go to your suppressed Let's all foll...

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5. Justice

I'm standing before the high court It seems like a nightmare to me; Being accused of a crime I'm not guilty can't they see; They reproach me with a murder offence My memories aren't so clear; I can't ...

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6. My Way

I don't say I've got the truth - I've just never seen any proof; I have neither been down in hell- Nor seen all the angels as well; I don't want to walk in others shoes - Or play your kind of blues; I...

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7. On Life's End

Spring turns to summer so fast Summer so fast to fall; Soon another year's passed by Just a few memories to recall; When winter knocks on the door And autumn mist covers the land; The smile leaves on ...

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8. Promising Heart

I really can't believe Someone's changed my life; A pleasant feeling deep inside It happens to me; I really can't believe Someone's touched my heart; It is something else A feeling so strong; Promisin...

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9. Say Goodbye

A parting is almost like you die; It may hurt and make you cry; Like a farewell to all your dreams; And all turns into dust it seems; The past has left some scars on you; Time will heal it but is this...

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10. Tonite

Hey baby, I'm sorry for all I've done; I can't change the past, it's all gone; But I will change the future I'll try hard; Step by step and bit by bit, heart by heart; There's a light inside your eyes...

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11. What A Felony

Once he comes to you With a friendly smile; Promises joy and everything you want; He is going to try to win your confidence; All you have to do to sail through the clouds Is to try; He will say to you...

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