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1. Candle Lit Mirror

Our fingers swell; On these cursed hands; We find the strength; To dig our grave; As our shadows fall; Into darkness; Heartbreak; Holding lifeless; We find ourselves; All alone; When thoughts go numb;...

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2. Compliments From A Liar

We watched you tell your shameless lies; You sell your thoughts disguised in words that make no sense at all; We see right through your tainted mask; You will never convince us; You will never break u...

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3. Dear Tomorrow

I’ve put in everything, just to watch it fall apart (fall apart); The scars remain to remind me, of what I’ve done (what I’ve done); So for tomorrow; I toast with you (toast with you); Better luck tom...

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4. Despair

I hear her voice in the distant, imagination, Her skin I remember, soft and misspoken, Her fake reactions kill me, in the way that she stood there, Looking back at me, despair; I hear her voice in the...

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5. Shattered

No words describe this pain; I have my lost my faith for love; No colors reflect this emotion; Why is loss the answer to our gains? I have opened up my heart and let your trust run through my veins; B...

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6. Tale Of A Sad Man

Alone but alive his heart is filled with madness, Upon this bridge he bares, His secrets of despair, ; His thoughts go numb as he sees the ground; Understanding death but still unafraid; All that is l...

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