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1. A Beautiful Black

Well your so pretty; Soaken in sympathy; Oh so can we resolve; Seemingly perfect; You've got your smile; Bright white is well over miles; Your so nice, you seem so nice; I'm sitting on the black top s...

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2. Chasing The Dream

Here we are another place and time; we moved up but not enough to satisfy; what can we do we did all we could for you; now it's our turn underground undiscovered sound show me; the way out rejection l...

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3. Just Once

Just this once, Nothing more, You wanted to know, So now you know, What happens now? Hurry, your feelings aren't worthless; Why just once? Why must everything get complicated? And I know, That it's ag...

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4. Let's Write Our Wills Tonight

Still waiting. Anxiety engulfing me. Elbows and knees scrapped to bleed pure adrenaline. So here I am. Take me or leave me to die. Lets write our will's tonight. And just drive. Our fuel supply is hig...

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5. Or So I Thought

[Verse One]; I pull and pull, with every heave; No weaker than it's preceding; Though I hold tight, weak hands slip; I fall back to you every now and again; I stand confused and look both ways; As I c...

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