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1. Back To Life

Where have you been lately; I haven't heard from you in a long time; Your voice sounds the same; But what are these marks on your face; Drink up your glas of wine; Let's go for a ride; Into the city; ...

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2. Collector

Her beauty confuses me; I couldn't follow all; Her moods sometimes; She is my secret guest; I used to have daydrems about her; But I can't ever get to know her; (in the ordinary way); Miney let's you ...

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3. Control

Was it all for one? Or was it one for all? Is it something I can control? Do you know my life? Would you go my way? Or would you simply walk away? Is this worth the fight? Could this be my night? I've...

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4. Digital Love

Lips that never speak; Lips that never lie; Define the value; Costumize your love; Hands that never touch; Hands that nevef fell; Define the distance; Costumize your love; Everything is possible; Sele...

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5. Fields Of Grey

Seems like ages we were lost and found; Until I realized; It is so long ago; Still I search those places; Now and then; But there is no quick relief; For everlasting grief; Through the fears and battl...

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6. Follow The Demons

Drop me a line; Say that you're mine; And wait for me; Down in the valley; Once and for all; I will recall; The pleasure you bring; All over my body; So long ago; You wanted to know; And secrets were ...

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7. Ghost

Braindead - a state of mind; Mindless - defeated and blind; Weakness - a second in time; Restless - to deal with; The things you left behind; Anger - a feeling besides; Destruction - result to resign;...

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8. Give Back The Moments

Finally; Things turned out the way you've planned them; Once again; Ignired the signs and felt the flames; I hated you; For all the feelings that you've offered; So untrue - is what you are; So give m...

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9. Life Is Porn

Lately; I've been running around; Without a notice; Where I should turn; Why I should learn; All htose new way; Of thinking; Lately; I stopped runnding around; Before hte breakdown; Too much of them; ...

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10. Modern Talking

The distance in your lines; Between the words of solitude; My inside hurt; You need to read between the lines; I try to live our lie; Closest to extinction; Without alert; Everyday we try to pretend; ...

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11. Moscow Paris

Big scar; Where are you from; Next time; I can't go wrong; When day breaks; Resting where the witches lied; Time line; Out of sight; My mind; Mystified; While you mind; Living in the ordinary world; R...

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12. Mystify

All veils and mistys; Streets of blue; Almond looks; That chill devine; Some silken moment; Goes on forever; And we're leaving; Broken hearts behind; Mystify... mystify me; Mystify... mystify me; I ne...

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13. Opposite Sides

Hopeless dreamers; Restless believers; (watch me) share my kisses; On the dancefloor; Needless affections; Priceless connections; It's about time you make me feel; No more transition; One last seducti...

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14. Parallel World

The treason of lovers; A reason for others; To run and hide away; The courage to distress; The nightlife to assess; Who was right anyway; Leave a light on; We're living in a parallel world; We're livi...

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15. Repair

The world today is pulling me apart; I haven't seen any faces tat; Respond my soul; This urgent need for desire; The things we search and places; Where we go; Without a thought; How will we ever know;...

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16. Separation

We used to say the world is in our hands; Another crazy vision of romance; The picture of our love will fall apart; If you leave me now; You said you couldn't stay with me tonight; Instead you turned ...

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17. The Garden Of Light

She breeds tumors in her backyard at night; Hides from daylight and from curious eyes; Beware of what you're abot to find; Beware of screts in your crooked mind; And when the water started falling; An...

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18. The Muse

My friend, where have you gone; Only tears to dwell upon; And they keep saying; Your life will show; My heart, your mind is wrong; Only stars to carry on; And they keep saying your; Nights will glow; ...

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