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1. Come Back To Me

Come back to me, baby; Come back to me, my lady; Don't leave me here alone, baby; Without your love, I will go crazy; ; I don't know if I'll take it anymore; Be alone here without your love; I could n...

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2. Let's Dance

Hey shawty , come with me; I just wanna dance with you tonight; Everybody's going to see; We rocking on the dance floor full of bright; Can you feel the vibration of the song; the beat is perfect ther...

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3. My Girlfriend

My girl , my girl , my girlfriend (x2); ; You are my queen , You are my little lady; I am so in love for you my baby; the mistress of my heart are you my darling; I Only Have Eyes for You, no doubt; H...

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4. One More Chance

Just give me one more chance (x2); I spent several days thinking about you; and now I realize how important you are to me; Sorry me if I act like a fool; the jealousy blinded me, I could not see; Your...

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5. Turbulence

Now is the time, we're gonna wreck; We'll show everyone that we are the best; We came here to win and not for to lose; In each footstep, we can improve; They will be nervous, they will be afraid; Like...

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