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1. German Woman Love Anthem

Look that pretty and holy rose; Scenting the wide of that green fields; The gardens never more will be the same; She had gone and had shown that all is real; The paradise is at her home; There, God wa...

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2. I'll Take a Car

Why do you need to live some hundred miles away; from here; Why now that I found you, are you so far? I just have a chance... I just have a choice; And I decided: I'll take a car; I'll travel happily ...

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3. Mr. Zabel

Mr. Zabel; What I found in your home; Was a princess, was the girl I was looking for; Let me take her to the prom; I promise to come back till midnight; Let me look straight to her pretty eyes; And sa...

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4. The Keys

It's time to down the iron gate; And shield our nice fortress; Please, wait for your dear mate; I wanna see again your softness; I wanna see your fingers holding the keys; And giving to me the chance ...

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5. The Woman That I Saw Last Week

The woman that I saw last week; Has the beauty and the brightness; And all that my heart seeks; Smelly like a flowered rosebud; Oh, how I'm feeling good, feeling fine with her; The woman that I met la...

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