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1. Another Song For You

Another song for you; I know; I screwed around again; Doing things to piss you off; Forgetting that past we built with so much love; I guess I'm mistaken again; Why are we doing so wrong? And why am I...

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2. Bad Dreams

Oh lord! I've been crying; You know, I've got this nightmare; Both night and day; I've been dreaming that you gonna leave me babe; And that's something I just can't stand; First you say "I don't love ...

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3. Believe In Yourself

They say I'll never survive; But now I'm getting closer; Something I know I've learned; I need to trust myself; You can get everything you want; When you believe in yourself; You can get everything yo...

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4. Bluesman On The Beach

I saw an old bluesman writing; About how his life used to be; He told me about the blues; And its place on history; He was trying a long distance call; From a very distant place; Away from home for da...

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5. Breakin' With You

I've been trying to compose a hit; But every time I tried I've failed; Something easy to sing and to dance; But everything I've made just don't make any sense; So I made this song for you; Trying to p...

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6. Go Away

I've been running through; Door to door and I; Have been trying to; Keep myself alive; But ain't no time; Ain't no chance for us; Mama used to say; Life in the city is good; Take your money and; Move ...

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7. Got Love

I've been working; Night and day; I've got taxes; That I've got to pay; But I've got love; Love is good enough for me; All my money I can't see; My wife spends it so easily; But I've got love; Love is...

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8. Got The Devil

You make me feel like heaven; When I'm alone with you; Together we seem as one; It seems it's always new; It seems you look possessed; You got the devil on you; I thought it was a dream; To be with yo...

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9. Melting In The Sun

Melting in the sun; In the eye of the desert; The sun keeps breaking down; Burning the people in pain; Wasting all their time in vain; Hiding in bushes like cows; Trying to keep their lives; Melting i...

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10. Miss You

I miss you; And I don’t know how long I can stand it; Something good; If I could have you in my arms now; But I know I’ll have the chance; I know; Missing can’t explain my feelings; When I think about...

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11. Moving On

It's hard to be the man; When you're tired to be wrong; Even if you got everything that makes you strong; I'm not saying I don't want to; But to lead those things on the right way; You got to look ahe...

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12. Must Be The Money

I know that money is necessary; But I know that views can be wrong too; Drop some bombs upon the target; Makin' it bad for you and for me too; Must be the money; That corrodes the peoples mind; Must b...

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13. Never Forget

Everyday babe when I wake up with you; Feel like happiness is blowing inside; Your smile always tell me the truth; When I kiss you I feel glad by your side; Wanna touch you, wanna hold you; Let me kis...

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14. Never Go Down

No, you don't understand; If I can't get what I want; I can't get what I need; All these feelings makes me suffer; Girl, I see you made your stand; But I'm thinking too much; What is wrong? What is ri...

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15. No no No

This feeling I have; You know it makes me so sad; I just want you here in my arms; But you've got a stone heart; And now I want to forget; But I don't wanna take you back; I really want to see your sm...

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