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1. Can't Help Myself

Someone's gonna have to stop me; Soon before I hurt myself; You're far to willing to believe it; When I say I don't need your help; One of these days you're going to find me; Sleeping with someone els...

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2. Drama Queen

If you're looking for some action; Then stick around with me; I'm the mistress of distraction; And catastrophe; When I'm feeling kinda restless; I just make a scene; And it might seem cold and ruthles...

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3. Fantasy World

The saints will cry; All sins forgiven; On the day that I seduce you; Won't have to try; We'll move in silent rhythm; I won't even speak to you; The star, my fantasy; They tell me, "It's healthy"; I w...

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4. Germaine

If love is blind; You need your glasses on; When you see him here; I think you'll find; Some kind of stubborn germs; Have been breeding there; It's just another breeding ground; It's just another bree...

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5. Highway

Now it's your turn to see; Your face pressed up against that tree; It cuts and scratches her knees; You're supposed to be kind to me; A man on the run's; Not a glamorous one; Highway (highway); Highwa...

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6. Just As You Are

This time you've really gone too far; It's just for effect you do it to shock me; You're trying to show us who you are; You need to relax you're trying too hard; What kind of monster have we've made? ...

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7. Mother

I've changed again but don't be sad; A different name I've never had; I've left before and I've been glad; I bet you didn't feel that bad; Where does she go; When the wind blows; Where does she go; Wh...

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8. Not What Is Seems

Bad memory; Before your time; I didn't see; You had no spine; And now nothing can surprise me; Now nothing else can move me; Times like these; I can't recall; Who where my friends; I'm too weak to cal...

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9. Play With Fire

The moment she saw him; She felt herself falling; Down on her knees; It smokes then it catches; This house built of matches; Kissed by the breeze; The temperature's rising; She feels herself flying; A...

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10. Property

Everybody needs somebody; Gives them reason keeps them happy; You make think you're moving freely; But I've dug my claws in firmly; You belong to me; You're my property; Like an anchor in a rough sea;...

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11. Release

Why can't I just forgive and forget; There's no room for you here in my head; Still no sign of release from you yet; Maybe soon I can like you instead; I feel grief but I have no regrets; These are fe...

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12. Shape Changing

Even with the best intentions; You could get me wrong; When exchanging precious information; Passion grows so strong; That's when I feel; My whole shape changing; Now it won't be long; The future is h...

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13. Shocks and Surprises

I don't owe you anything; And anything is too much; I never heard say I could really sing; And if you did well were you drunk; You tried to make me feel inadequate; Like you up and I'm down below; I'd...

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14. Sun In My Eyes

I see you're wearing your best dress tonight; I see you're wearing your ring; Did you wear it for me? There's not need to get so uptight; You look good tonight; You look better than me; And it's like ...

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