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1. Hands Held Tight

Meet me a quarter to four and keep oh so quiet, Keep low to the ground but keep your head held high. Keep our hands help tight, keep away from the light. Keep your story straight, and don't be a secon...

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2. Picture Perfect

She's shaking like some new kind of dance move, The kind you threw down during prom back in; highschool. I remember looking back at all those kids. Were they drowning? Why all the flailing? And the gi...

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3. Reach Out

I need someone beautiful and flowing. Someone that can touch you, And make you feel as open as the ocean, With just as much warmth like you do. Or like you used to.. But i'm tired of waiting around in...

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4. Wars Drugs Diamond Rings

Another day spent alone again. Your little sympathy sickness. You're out of sight, you're out of mind. Out of; excuses. Another day spent alone downstairs, In hopes of sympathetic ears, Or some dramat...

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