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1. In God We Trust

(Verse 1); Do you know who I do this for? The streets keep calling, I can never ignore; All black Maybach what I'm tryna afford, But haters wanna see me back whippin' a Honda Accord (Naw); I'm the era...

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2. The Greatest

[Verse 1]; Rip to the haters, we givin 'em respirators; They hate us cause we the greatest; United we stand, apart we all fall; Kill them every summer that's why they call us the winners; Eating beats...

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3. Trouble

[Verse 1]; I; Run; With; Trouble; Trouble is where the home is. The mothers need help, dads disown their kids; And wonder why they're wild... ain't seen them in a while; Teach them not to sell crack. ...

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