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1. Far Beyond

Covered in sadness, Am I out here all alone on my own? River of madness, Caught in the flow onto places unknown; Been to hell and beyond; Seen all the angels up above, I have; Still, I'm miles away; F...

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2. Firefighter

So many days you walked into the fire; Ashes and smoke, you knew that it was real; Someone to save, your only desire; Fears had been blown away; Hero, you gave up your life; So brave Firefighter; Ice ...

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3. Live To Ride, Ride To Live

Side by side you ride with me; Open road will set us free; Power's right between my thighs; On leather wings we're born to fly; There's so many reasons, we want to get away; Oh, so many reasons, this ...

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4. Masquerade

In the shadows where the stranger's never seen; Lives your darkest fear; Like the animal that wakes at night to feed; In for the kill; Cover your eyes, oh what a clever disguise; It's just a masquerad...

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5. Poison Ivy

There's no reason to be tellin' you lies; Our love isn't "Gone with the wind"; Don't act like you were ever surprised; I want to do it again; Yes, baby –The only words; You'll hear from me; In dark ey...

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6. Rebelution

If I could see the future; I'd see you joining with me; The winds of Rebelution; Blow cross the mountains and seas; Destructive Powers fallin'; Destructive powers fall to their knees; It's a Rebelutio...

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7. Regeneration

Secrets sleep for a million years; Now awakened by man; Once pretending, but now I find; No one's safe from his hand; Create life from the clutches of death; Energy fills the air; Heartbeat on the bla...

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8. Rule The World

It doesn't matter tome, if everything changes; As long as we'll be, we'll be free; Together we'll find a new way; To deal with the dangers; Surrounding us today, today; Evil forces are praying to thei...

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9. Streaming Star

Fast as a shark, sink your teeth into me; Queen of the cybernet, for all to see; Hard driving memory, computer heart; Your photo finish, making me start; Streaming Star, the lens is your friend; Strea...

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10. Third Wish

Ship wrecked, island east of nowhere; Bottle washed on the sand; Strange map to the caves of wonder; Where lives the genie in the lamp; Memories wash away like footsteps; Dreams crash upon the shore; ...

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