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1. Bobby Marshall

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Litte Bobbys out there robbing banks already, Bobby's parents left him long ago, Now hes on his own; (chorus); Little Bobby is already out on his own, In his ...

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2. Break The Ice

You're dead! Voice in my head you're really getting kind of old; And now I know that you're not even real; I realise why I was really coming home; And I apologise for leaving you back then; And now I'...

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3. Regards

Just run! faster than you ever have; cos it's chasing you; and i don't think that you should ignore; The fact that you need it; more than it needs you; I won't become! You pushed it further than you t...

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4. Riot To Remember

We all take one look, And make up our minds. If left much longer, He'll slowly die (die); I said to you, Not to push it too far. Look at what you've done, Now. Run or hide, It's the only chance of sur...

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5. This One Is For Us

This one is for us, You take it all away from me, Your trying to hard, oh your trying to hard; Try hard; What ever happened to, Its all about the taking part, its not about the winning, Save your answ...

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6. Watch Them Feed

I remember a time; when you held your head high; and saved lives you try, you try to bring back; that person that kept us all alive; They say they don't need anyone to rely on; but you saved them all ...

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