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1. Articulating The Vice

My best friend was always myself; Walking alone, living in my own hell; To be by myself, to be a being; Friends I don't have, death is what I bring; By the corners I've always creeped; Planning and ar...

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2. B.U.T.C.H.E.R

The starvation has turned the sky gray; When the hunger is high; Mutilation is here all day; When the hunger is mine; Along damnation he has fun; When the hunger is high; To feed the people under the ...

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3. Euthanasia

It's not your fault to be like this; I'm your bliss; The liquid will run through your veins; freezing chains; You are cureless, they want you dead; full dread; You accepted me to feed your will; I'm y...

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4. Freak!

I'll always be a liar; My face was always cause of fire; My thoughts, my greatest shame; A huge freak amid the woods; Dark and cold, my soul is food; Behind the shadows, prevails my name; Numb by opiu...

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5. Honey & Milk

I have the power to choose your destiny; Now I'm sentencing you to death penalty; My name is Mithridates and pain will be your friend; Start to take off your clothes and go until the end; Dive in the ...

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6. I Will Never die

You fool I hate you for what you are; I never wanted to get so far; I'm locked up here looking at your face; Everyday I wish to escape from this place; Die; Go; Last chance; Run; To your place; Your g...

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7. Libertine

I'm feeling; Inside a dream; The sky starts to fall; Like angel's tears; But they are bitter drops; Coming out of you; Everything is so good; Don't slide with fear; I can feel the heat; I can feel you...

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8. Mentorship

Let it start when I say; It's my time to play; Shut your mouth, you must not talk; It's time to walk; I'm your God, I am the mist; Herethic ventriloquist; The only seen face will be mine; Welcome to m...

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9. No Sin, no Pleasure

Look the night; Do not bite; Someone seen us do it trite; Fear and sin; Flesh and din; Pleasures extracted from the skin; I pay the price; Once and twice; It is strage, it is a vice; I never thought; ...

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