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1. Darkness

The pain fills up my body like; The rain pouring so softly like; A faint image so vivid it; Relies on memories captured it; Guides me through the darkness; The darkness, the darkness; My heart is on a...

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2. Difference

You say that nothing can, ever keep you down; Well I say that we sure can, have that turned around; Life brings some changes, some phases left behind; We all grow everyday, in every way no thanks to y...

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3. Dividing World

Our world is dividing; My situation's blinding; Contracts are now binding; Me to the other side! Intuition showing; Where life is going; Consequence not knowing; Change can start right here right now!...

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4. The Guest

In a heated debate you can watch from the side; It was a slap in the face when you entered our lives; You may be with her, you will never amount! Anybody in their right mind would have waited! Caught ...

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