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1. Blasphemy Of Life

From the corridors of birth, made now silent return; White swaddling clothes of hope, swapped to the gray of age to burn; The desperation of infirmity now consumed for agony's peace; An help meet to l...

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2. Deathwalker

"my god, my god, why have you forsaken me?"; The dowry of creation, one man's holocaust; Drunk on the martyr's blood, whore of babylon; 30 silver talents priced the rose of sharon; Inner sanctum torn ...

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3. Die Is Past

Before time began I was and will be; Knowing before you breathed your first, you breathed in me; I am the question to the answer, that you have made; To choose me for life, against me for the grave; F...

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4. Die To Me

Recollecting my life's race; I strove for an unseen face. Constantly before my eyes; Salvation was the prize, What was and used to be; Dead and buried, I bleed. Imprisoned, bleed my soul;; Longing to ...

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5. No Contest

The spirit world, you think is an even fight; Between the power of evil and the power of light; Occult practice you seek to trace; Because you're frightened of God's face. ; You follow the power of a ...

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6. Sleeping In Light

Paralysed and captive to my past and all of my fears; All I search for is freedom spoken, ever to hear; Crippled by self, hospital beds I lay and I hate; Road map of my veins to be drained for me, is ...

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7. War Prayer

Waiting for the unseen; Wave of decimation; Craving for the shot; We loosed upon this nation; Invisible the wraiths; This present darkness that contains; The burning sense of prophecy; Million soul bi...

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