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1. Edge of Eternity

Every second, second I struggle for self-control; Don't take it out on the boys; It's up to me to destroy; The pillars on pillars stacked up so high; We'll build a spire of bones; Pile it up to the sk...

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2. In Wondrous Rage

The scent's rising, smell it in the air; The stars are bursting but wat is despairing? If death's coming what matters now? It's just a choice, how we make our final bow; Are we waiting hands by our si...

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3. Taste The Iron On Your Lips

With a fickle spoilt heart; Let all purity be stained; In the court of carnal vice; May our bones lock in dismay; Now all love is; Left behind; We lay alone, drained of all pain; Two seated baths and ...

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