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1. A Deceptive Lilt

Take my hand and tell me what do you wanna say? I told you, you told her, she told everybody; They all laugh in my face, what do they know? My heart drops out of place way too low; I don’t know what’s...

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2. All Is Well

Verse 1; How can you stand there and say; "All is well with me and you"; What I wanna know is; Will it ever be like it was? Verse 2; Off you go now with your life; Will you ever turn back to check up ...

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3. Back To The Places

You’re far away today like days before; Your face is hidden locked behind the door; Sounds of life bounce through mind; There’s death inside all’s lost, so what’s next? Without you I’m nothing more th...

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4. Foolish Me

Taking back all my dreams of pride; Never wanting to walk down that road ever again; Because I was much to young and I was controlling the guns; But on my own I don’t stand a chance; Foolish me, fooli...

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5. Further From Yourself

Take your place among the ones who fight to fall; All these actions will push your backs up to the wall; If you go you'll be further from yourself; Afraid of getting mocked or judged; You put yourself...

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6. Never Forget

I sit on my knees with my head in my hands; All the commotion stops in its tracks; And I lay listening to my own heart; I don't know how I can go on; I don't know how I'll move foward; Life itself has...

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7. Set Loose

Even though your eyes look so bright; And your smile shines to the sky; You don’t know how I feel; And I’m pretty sure you’re not worth the fight; So I lead you here with your guns and knives; As I le...

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8. Stability

Spinning round and round my life is coming towards the; Down; Now i've hit the ground; Whats left of me? i'm useless my best wish is to bow; Out gracefully; I'm beginning to come to grips with the wor...

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9. Wake Up

Make me out to what you think should be; You're just confusing our trust; I'm what you need; I'm what you see; It's my responsibility to help you free your; Attachments to this world(2x); These may se...

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