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1. Call Of Schizophrenia

I see all the faces, all the ugly faces; I'd like to kill them all, but not still hurt them all; I want to feel the knife inside, oh god dont hurt me now; What should I do when the voices tell me to l...

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2. Clown Industry

Violence covers the whole world; Silicons are everything that matters anymore; Morale corrupted, easily forgotten; And people keep waiting for more, always for more; And more, more, more! Entertain! W...

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3. Fear Of Domination

Puppets of society; Controlled, no souls; Dominated by fear; Ruled by few; Robots of society; Numbered, no will; Dominated by war; Treated as a dog; What is real anymore? When do we dare to say no? Fe...

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4. Intact Girl

Baby, baby, spread your legs for me; Just a little bit sex in my drink please; Baby, baby, is it all for me? Everybody look, what have I found? Dont risk it, fist it! Haunting me the way you love me; ...

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5. Mistake In Evolution

Talk, talk, talk, talk; Countless words yet still nothing more than curse; Is talk all you do in your life? I think I'm allergic to the lines your mouth spills; And to all the fucked up truth; White s...

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6. New World

When world's your whore; Who is begging for more? Behind a mask my army march; Without feelings we'll cleanse your heart; Children cry when my devil laughs; You! Wont decide; I! Will rule life; You! G...

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7. Perfect World

Here we live in a world of insanity; It's just sex, sex, sex 'n drugs with skinny models; Filthy pervs masturbate for pedophilia; Here we live in a world of insanity; Hate, greed, jealosity; The marks...

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8. Punish Y.s

This ends here, lets face it; You've done it wrong, now embrace it; Feel the pain, feel the shame; Now we must die for our sins; I like to be right here, I love to see you here; Come here my dear, let...

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9. Synthetic Paradise

I'm speaking with my silent friends; They are only shadows of which they once were; Looking answers for my life; Is this end of my might? Tell me darling, are you truly happy now? You made machine fro...

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10. Theatre

I find my face from the dirt again; And see the audience cry; The show is over now; So be quiet right now; Everybody is a fucking whore; Everybody plays a fucking role; We thank you now; When you kick...

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