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1. ...in Time

Time ... wiats for no one -; Unjust and unkind -; All dreams (hopes) are left behind -; In time ... in time -; I rust and decay with every wasted day -; In sorrow and dismay my life it fades away -; I...

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2. Drop Dead

With midnight hair of the bluest black -; Shimmering like a raven's back -; A quaint cliche with a pretty face -; A angel born to fall from grace -; Now stumbling through the modern gloom -; So alone ...

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3. God's Mistakes

I'll spend hours in the mirror or as long as it takes - I'll spend hours in this mirror correcting God's mistakes - I think I'll find true love tonight -; I can feel My heart pulsating -; I think I'll...

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4. Gorgeous Shade Of Red

Illustrating suicide in my head -; Sacrificing virgins in my bed -; Blood is such a gorgeous shade of red -; Living off the lies that I've been fed -; Finding inspiration in the words I've read -; My ...

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5. If You're Watching

I think I've found what I'm looking for -; Behind those eyes an open door -; That vacant stare which I adore -; I'm your slut, and you're my whore -; Spare yourself the aching heart and spare yourself...

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6. People Like Me Die Young

I'm in too deep, I've gone too far -; I've lost all innocents and shame -; I've attitude to be a star -; I'm destined toward greater fame -; I've got the look they say you need -; I've got drive and i...

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7. She Loves Me Not

I'm so sick of this emotion, and the torment that it brings -; Drawn in by its illusion; Just a song the siren sings - I've crashed full force upon your shores -; I am strewed upon your beach -; I hol...

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8. Sleepless Nights

I sometimes close my eyes for hours but never fall asleep -; I'm so jealous of your peacefull state and of the dreams you keep -; I stare at walls and out through windows, so deep into the night -; As...

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9. What Is A Sin?

A slave to your emotions -; A servant of desire -; Trapped within your web of lust -; Dragged down into your fire -; The darkness seeps and creeps within -; Our moral fiber's wearing thin -; Seduced b...

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10. Witch Hunt

It's in the Puritan's pride with the innocent who died -; It's in the Nazi youth with their ignorant truth -; It's in the Catholic church with their false self worth - It's the blind leading the blind...

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