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1. Figgadeal Me

(Jermaine); You can try your best to move; Closer to me; But whatever you choose to do; Trust me I've already seen; And I heard about your reputation; How the fellas give you all the attention; But I ...

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2. Play Ground

Verse 1: (Jermaine); Seen you out 'bout once or twice; And I really wanted to get up and talk tonight; But I got the warning; How you dropped those other guys; And I'm all up on it; That sexy way you ...

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3. Playlist

He's waiting for the phone to ring, And everyday it is the same thing, No ring at all. Turn it up. He hears your voice when he sleeps at night. Baby that ain't even right, Cause right now, He's wishin...

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4. Real Dreamworld

Verse 1: (Jermaine); Baby let me talk to you; most of what ya heard is true; I'm an extravagant fella; Baby no one can do it better; I'm not tryna run no game; All I wanna know is ya name; I'll just d...

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5. Switch It

Verse 1: (Jermaine); When I saw you the other week; Said that you were free; Said that you and me; Could go out; Then I saw you with Anthony; That was yesterday; Girl you crushed my dreams; So down an...

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