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1. Bloody Nightmare

Fake satisfaction. False suffocation. Untill the time came,I never knew it. I began to get bored with things around me. As time goes by, I'v had my doubt about it. ; Broken imitation. I break through....

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2. Come To The End

There is no regret on a silly preface. It might be distorted and get dirty. Can you see yourself as you are. You just see the surface. It's not easy for you to awake the false. ; Everytime I mistake, ...

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3. Cowards

I believe there is love superior to the death; You are wasting your times. Looking for the excuse in someone. You will soon lose your heart. ; We are just a cowords. That's why you're scared of the ni...

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4. Deep Coma

OK. Let me see a silly smile on your face. It's getting dark. let's solve this problem. Too many shackles. So I can't make a single step. The fog is getting thicker. Need a rest. ; Deep night has come...

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5. Hardship

This is my hard ship. There's no way to get through it. But I'll get over it. Even If it's hard for me. Broken nail and hoarse voice. still crawling on the ground and I still can find a clue. But it s...

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6. Jaded Hope

What I've been through confuses all things. Is what I've done wrong?? Is what I've said right?? I couldn't stay a place where I felt good. The things had gone when I noticed it. ; what is that? what i...

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7. My Strife

You wish me any pain the whole night through. Force out the imitation. It's my strife. ; The bright light will spread again. Everyone wakes up. And that dazzles their eyes. You're lost in that world. ...

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8. Strange Days

Everything the world has seems strange. Just like bull shit. Thinking it formed by the history of power. There's nothing reallity to me. I feel emptiness. Why don't you have doubt for life in this war...

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9. The Man Who Killed The World

This time is not over yet. this moment is forever. What we made is so strong. i can't believe it will break. But there's shit everywhere. so i don't care no more. You'll destroy a place we need. so ge...

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10. The Phantom In The Depth

I've roamed in the depth. Spend spitting days. Broken promise.Broken trust. That hasn't changed right now. ; Something in my heart. I'll show you everything. I know it's empty or disgusting of dark. ;...

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11. With Love

Shut up. I'm fed up with your banter. So I don't wanna hear any of your fucking words. Don't put your word in my way, in my future. If it's great advice, I'll take it with thanks. ; When I loose my wa...

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