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1. All Alone

Are you alone anymore? When you go home to your door? I sometimes sit and wonder; Todavia quiero saber porque *; All that I want is to forget you; Todavia quiero saber porque; All that I need is to er...

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2. All The World

All The World - Fauxliage; I´ll break you down; I´ll take you down down; Fill you with sadness; Make your life madness; CHORUS; I am having the hard time; I am making you do the hard time too; I am st...

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3. Draw My Life

Draw My Life; There's something everybody knows; There's one place everybody goes; I've got this notion that it isn't what it seems; That I've been living in a dream; Draw me a picture; Draw it in col...

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4. Let It Go

I'll begin to let you go; When the sunlight melts the snow; Every night i drive away from you; I see the mountains i have to move; And you there; You don't care; I wonder if you; Wanted me like i want...

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5. Rafe

Rafe; I would love to see you out here tonight; Just you dancing under the light; Awake when I sleep; And I know it's you; I sing a prayer; I wrote just for you; Feel her touch you; Make no sound; The...

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6. Someday The Wind

Someday The Wind; This storm will never lose control; She will rise and fall with tide; I have found something to hold; A place to go; Somewhere to hide; Someday the wind will blow; I know that someda...

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7. Without You

Without You; You say you'll wait for something better; You're gonna rest for a while; I bet you'd bet it all to get her; All the world for a bitter smile; If you're staying I should leave; Get my thin...

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