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1. Black Riders

Far in the horizon, there gathers a storm; And if you look closely, you’ll see the approaching lords; Chrome shining in the desert sun; Black Riders from the pits of hell; Run while you can feeble man...

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2. Red Moon, Black Magic

Bloodstained clouds divide; Giving birth to a sickening child; Red moon on the rise; An eye from beyond this world; Is it a sign of doom; Or a tool for some force; - of evil; What did they see; Those ...

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3. Return To The Castle

Again it haunts my dreams; This desolate foreboding place; Something dwells there, hidden from the eyes of men; And only I hear its call; Black towering spires; Spiked massive gates rusted shut; In th...

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4. The Halo Of Burning Wings

I have fallen into damnation; Slowly darkness devours the world; While the light of my life burns; ever brighter and more violent; I fear it burns too fast now; and that it shall consume both me and a...

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