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1. Among The Grey Masses

I'm too tired waiting for that feeling; That seems to never come; Which I could never embrace; My senses are well trained; By long time of awaiting; Instead of this all; There's always space for; A li...

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2. Anthems Of Rising Tides

What is close and what is far; Whether you're in or whether you're out; What you care or don't give a fuck; You won't miss a thing; Shred your fears down; Bury your guilt down; Cry yourself out, try y...

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3. Frozen Minds, Aching Hearts

Spent so much time with the head in the ground; Cause we never believe we could see something more; Than what we let our eyes see; (keep) staring at nothing in the most distant place on earth; I’m so ...

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4. Ghosts Of The Past

Disguised faces of the past; Forsaken particles of history; So many crimes upon righteousness; None of them get ever punishment; Years of neglecting; But no longer shall we stay calm; The company of s...

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5. In The Land Of Dreams

Heaven used to be on Earth; Once all beauty was; Burnt Down to ashes; The Sun went down; (We believe) it's still shining somewhere; But not for them! Not warming their hearts (anymore); In the land of...

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6. Not Without A Blink

Try to bury most seductive dreams; And it's like you would bury yourself; You forget about today; And you loose tomorrow but you'll face it; You restrain to scream but this silence may break you up; I...

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7. Numb

For the very last time; I'm looking through my own eyes; As the Sun goes down (together); We say goodbye to this frozen world; The star light up my garden of grief; Perform the last rites as I'm sinki...

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8. Stay Of Execution

Fate ain't shrouded in mystery; No revelations need to be seen; Aftermath of war and failure; Mutilation sent us sprawling; Fellow man still on his knees; An event that staggered the world; Distress t...

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9. The Longest Festering Around

You know these lyrics, you know this song; You wrote these lyrics with your tears and blood; So many tries to forget but it yells for more; It won't let you fall asleep and this guilt won't go; It wei...

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10. The Truth Is Absolution

Why it has to be this way? An angel who's giving little tap on the child's forehead; Is like a messenger of god with his gentle touch; To erase what is ours; Once and forever! Instinctively we catch o...

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11. The Unveiling Of Killjoy

Let’s delve into the subconscious intestro-abortion; Slowly bite and chew every miserable portion; You exist or you rather persist! To screw your grin on every morning and enjoy it; I can't take part ...

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12. To Dwell On Thoughts Of You

You’re my invitation to happiness; There’s only one place to be; Only one direction there is! I'll never change this course; I learned what miracle means; If time could only be ours; And space between...

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13. What Misery Means

Over the years we've learned what misery means; This lesson will be the last we have; Let’s count those years and never forget; If we've been left out in the rain for so long; Did it washed away all t...

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