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1. Annwyn

Where forever beauty sleeps return; Annwyn; May to you a gentle breeze convey; All that time would not permit me say; Annwyn; Annwyn; If only words without answer; Could fill the enormity of never; Ca...

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2. Cages

Beneath it all, something furtive; Restless, pensive, tempted; Here lingers what is most dreaded; Under quicksilver skies; The forming undesired; Eyes for the ages gone; Liquid pools of pain; Behind a...

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3. Mesmerized

Safe in your bed when sleep overcomes you; Do you yearn for insensibility? Seeking a refuge amidst the chaos; Consciously escaping reality; Do you resurface from a dark daydream? Choking on someone el...

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4. Mind Box

Pain has chipped the mortar away; My prison bars are ready to give way; I choose to stay inside a self-made cocoon; More nurturing than suffering these mortal wounds; Afraid of a life too empty to abi...

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5. My Endarkened Self

Inert embers flare; Disquieting omens; Inimical portends; My psyche beware; Here no breath of life; Nor near end in sight; Released to the night; My endarkened self; Harrowed evermore; Descent to desp...

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