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1. Anguish

Abusive visions; Plague the subconscious; Mind; Reocurring catastrophe, Reality not eminent; Seclusive mind religions; Trapping repulsive thoughts; Ripping valleys of fear, Feeling distraught; Tearing...

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2. Everday

[Airplane]- Taking off; [Singer]- Uh no, everyday in every way; Verse one; Gettin' paid, never caught in a raid; you get sprayed, prayed over and laid down; pump wit the pound, how that sound; death b...

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3. Malevolence

Caught within this hysteria; Figures in mourning alive; Feeling the presence of a; Distant void; Agony and insanity, you wish; To rise; The uneasiness of the; Nocturnal wake; In the dark-the dismal; S...

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4. No Dream To Believe

On the urge of a dream; In an unknown sleep, A mindless wanderer, No decision in slumber deep. ; Black figures in mourning, Tears of blood portray life, Awakened in death, Watch the spirit rise. ; Col...

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5. Outlaws

Around these blocks; You know these hot glocks; Cock till you drop; All you wanna-be cops; You don't wanna see shots; I beef deep with the police; Beat what the streets do to me; Actin all new to me; ...

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6. Take Your Time

To hit a nigga wit a slug, wormin' around town; lookin' for this bitch to fuck, and if she can't hang; she can get the nut, tis a dog bed to the fours; and on floors, for enought talkin' cause wit big...

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