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1. Fatal

Riding the wings into darkness of night; Seeking the truth only found in the light; Drowning in fear take me away; Allow me rebirth into existance of pain; Help me! Slow and Painless; The killing of m...

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2. Liar

You hear the truth in lies; The rumors feed your mind; Power to dominate; Never discriminate; A constant will to speak; Know nothing of discreet; Fear of what you don't know; You make it up as you go!...

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3. Love To Hate

I still see you standing in my dreams... Building up the pain inside of me... The sadness in your eyes... As I watch you cry... A broken heart that I can't seem to bleed... ; Why did you turn your bac...

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4. Pride

I can see the life that I've lived; Memories that burn! A future comes with many choices; Take them on in turn! Many times I've taken chances; Took them just to find! That nothing's what it seems to b...

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5. The Mask Of Sanity

Rage! Like I never felt before! Time to stop but I can't seem to think about it any fuckin' more! Lust! Passion! Trust! Love! All of these things I've had enough! I don't wanna fuckin' feel! I don't w...

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