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1. Bad Kharma

See through our blind illusions, to discover our souls; It's the final solution, before we close and lock the doors; Tonight I´m gone; This can't go on; We need a change; Go separate ways; Bad Kharma...

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2. Beyond Reality

MUZIK…; The mirror cracks in thousand pieces, are the reflections still true? Read the stars and all their meanings, prepare for something new; Investigate the human fate, are we lost in the shadows...

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3. Butterflies

She's got something that makes me wanna fly; She takes me higher, till I reach and touch the sky; She gives me glory and a love that makes me shine; I can recognise it, when she comes around; Nothing'...

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4. Circle Of Fire

Daddy's little girl alone in her room; She's lost in her own world, talking to the moon; Tears in her big blue eyes, sign of fear arise; How she wish that she could fly…high; She can see the hands a...

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5. Crush On You

I've got a Crush On You; I wanna be with you. ; I can feel it around everyday; It surrounds me like I'm in a haze; I'm desperate in love and alone, hear my call…; I've got a Crush On You (Crush, Cru...

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6. No Love

1 man and 1 woman, they make a stand in the name of love; 2 hearts got it coming, a brand new start with blessings from above; Like in the garden of Adam and Eve, wish it wasn't so hard 2 believe; Whe...

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7. Scene Of A Crime

Like sailing ships across the ocean; In search of freedom and devotion; Full of dreams and no tomorrow; With a life we just borrow; How long can we deny our innocence? How long can we pretend and spea...

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8. The Saviour

I am The Saviour! I am your God, I take you up when you are down; Your heart, your soul, I am your mind control; You need to believe, just close your eyes I'll make you see; I'm not your guardian ange...

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9. Warfear

They're talking 'bout War, about War…; I see the news report on the TV screen; I read the headlines from the media scene; Yes I do! I hear about it on the radio; Everyday´s the same it's an even fl...

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10. Xcuse Me

Who do you think you are? Why do you bother me like that? This time you've gone to far; You're nothing but trouble; You're way out on thin ice; There's no doubt you'll never apologise; What the hell i...

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