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1. Before the Judgment

Look at your reflection in the mirror; And see the evil effects; There was a time I've tried to play and; lost my vision; With wise words; And good faith; With God in your heart and; keeping straight;...

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2. Betrayer

Hey madman enlighten me with your wisdom; After all, like an eagle you seek for a mistake; Committed. coz you're so perfect; Every step you take is closer to paradise; But, perfect people usually stay...

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3. Killer Wolf

Waiting the clock strikes midnight; I get lost in my thoughts; The moon is full; And my feelings of anger torments me; Tearing me apart; Then finally, when the bells rings; All will be revealed; And I...

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4. Last Breath

Everything goes in my back; A sanctuary of false words; Everything happens to put you down; Everything around me is bleeding; No sign of human life; Everyone have been dominated; by this monster calle...

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5. Machine Head

When lies became habit; Hearing the truth is thunderous; Let's spill it all out; You are not alone; Stop acting like a fool; See that this isn't a dream; Reality knocks the door; Open if you want to w...

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6. Mental Prison

I've built a prison where no one can escape; Watching every move; it's hard to get safety; You're damned, you can't run away; I got the might and you should obey; I'm a creature without a soul; I have...

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7. Trapped

Stand! when the things begin to change; I am tired and trapped in my mind; Everything is on fire; Shall we deny what's real; Shall we deny what's real? Hear my screams, feel my pain; It's a terrible f...

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8. Utopia

Things could be easier; To love each other shouldn't be so tough! Will not think this so hard; Imagine how would be if life runs through a perfect line; If we just love each other, before; There would...

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