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1. Dark Room

Dark room, I'm alone, just darkness nothing else; Feelings are like stone, it nothing inform me; Only fear creeps, it wants to seize me; I struggle with it but it's stronger than I; Cold comes, covers...

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2. Decision

I seek myself and I found failures; Follow me, don't leave me; Accompanied my way; From my birth till the end; I don't believe in these naive promises; Full up from this bull shit; How long we have to...

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3. Die For Your Lie

The world is full of liars and one of those are you; A man without an honor, dark emptiness fills you; Your mind is soacked by bitterness, depravity manages you; Your poison soul and cold eyes deprive...

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4. Fatal Wish

Time that; I spent with my soul; Was bright; But not for long; Till that; Moment of explosure; When I; Lost my correct way; He is the scarest dream of night; Is the eclipse of daylight? That wanna tak...

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5. Lord Of Another World

Your world is not fair with you, you are like a slave in small cage; People that surround you every time long for cause you damage; I feel your pain! It's so tormently, I know what experience you now;...

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6. Never Surrender

Hate rises inside; Inside my eyes; When I see these broken hopes; Rage rushes from; From my heart; My soul is full of aggression; I have to fight; Against'em all; 'Cause liberation's so main; I never ...

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7. Unanswered

Why do I see these eyes? Why they are so helpless? Why youth uses drugs? Answers that I'll never get! Why death is so young? Why rivers are full of blood? Why mothers' faces are still wet? Why parents...

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8. White Coal

From the time when I opened my eyes; I feel some difference inside me; I can't describe it precisely; But this feeling makes me free; Everyone looks at me like on alter; Like human at virgin nature; W...

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