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1. Body Roc

[intro]; They done done the wrong thing, and leave us two alone; Leave us with the pen and paper, make a drastic song; We party all night long, we party all night long; Cause it just don't stop, until...

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2. Do U Like What U See

Do you like what you see; Tell me what else you done heard about me; Is it strange to see, that I be's a G; So take it how you want it, take it from that P-A-T; Am I a player? Shit, up early in the mo...

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3. Ghetto Dreams

Ghetto dreams baby; That's what we talking bout.. ; [Hook]; Ghetto dreams, diamond rings; Money hoes and clothes and all those, fancy things; [Fat Pat]; Money hoes, fancy clothes; Heavy in the game, s...

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4. Missing Our G's

[talking]; Man, sitting here thinking; Knowing I miss y'all boys, man; I hope y'all feel this, we miss you; [Hook x2]; How we, miss our G's; Everyday, all I do is dream and pray; Hoping that, I can se...

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5. Pymp Tyte

Pymp Tyte's getting it crunk tonight, what.. ; [Tyte Eyez]; Pymp Tyte be the shit, nigga fuck the others; When it comes to pimping this game, call us the Punker Brothers; We be stealing niggaz hoes, s...

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6. Superstar

[Billy Cook]; Oooooh-oooooh; [Hook x2]; Playa haters, wanna know who you are; When you coming down, like a superstar; If you really wanna know, who it be; It's Fat Pat, and the boy Mike D; [Fat Pat]; ...

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7. Tops Drop

[Fat Pat]; Welcome to the land, where it just don't stop; Trunks pop tops drop, and the front end hop; Paint flop screens on, acting bad in the song; Yeah it's on riding chrome, balling at my home; Te...

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8. Why They Hatin' Us

[Chorus]; Tell me why they playa hate; Steady talkin down cause I'm playa made; Just because I'm playa made; Makin all ya hoes sing my serenade; [Double D]; Now tell me why you wanna hate me; Am I ur ...

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9. Why You Peepin Me

[Spoken]; Say, fool, every time I turn around this girl steady lookin me in my; eyes...What's the deal? You think she wanna hit it up? Why you peepin me; Everybody knows that I'm a G; Hey, Hey, she's ...

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