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1. All The Same

half the while... you won't find a way; it's always what you thought; just leaving it all again, is the only thing that he's got; it won't help to feel the pain, he's always too cold to care; decision...

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2. Blue Nubb

incapable of making anything make sense; it's an unforeseen waste of all your time; resting endlessly, while there's still a chance; how could this all be your fault or mine; inventing all of this... ...

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3. Bourbon

she's learned to sleep with the lights on, and waits to cry; when she's deep; stays out every night, comes in alone with his key; it's easy to justify... you smell bourbon when he breathes; affections...

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4. Break The Ease

Quiets her mouth with his eyes; Burning as they fade; she whispers, "Please just try to keep good thoughts of me"; As everybody passed her by, he's the only one who waited; and she never blamed hersel...

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5. Chili Red

At peace, with your pain; seems like you hurt forever; Didn't want you to go away; Will it always feel the same way; Not a word, at my turn to speak; could help anyone; Nothing I could say will bring ...

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6. Come Undone

inching closer to finally realize, your will to live; became a will to die; so quick to questioning everything, it feels so cold; I'm finally in unfamiliar surroundings; please waste some time; she lo...

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7. Early November

Feel the glow from the lampshade, its the shadow that shows his age; He's an old man with a weathered soul, who burned to live before he got; far too old; he tells stories to fill the space; Once he s...

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8. Fortunate

Staring down the walls, with your empty hands; never forced you to feel anything; stealing back the time and all the innocence of everything; has finally made you see... it's finally made you believe....

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9. I Am Not That Fat

first off i would like to tell all the fat people out there; that there is hope for you and it starts with my best; friend Jenny u see Jenny used to be fat just like the; rest of us fat asses that lik...

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10. In The Middle

A makeshift mirror frames the tortured space; She's got porcelain violet angels hanging around her waist; and she's caught up in the middle of everything; The steam pours off the cost as she steals th...

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11. Odd Man

At every stop he makes her cry; It's not by his design; At every crossing that they pass; It's always another sign; Never wish for what you always thought you would need; Daddy's little girl would nev...

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12. Purple

She breathes she'd walk through fire for me; and I led her; She never talks to me, can you blame her; I never followed her, to ask for her forgiveness; she needs awhile to make it through; and I turn ...

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