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1. Agony

Chaos rampant, an age of distrust; Confrontations, impulsive inhabitant; Preordained life, fall of humanity; Extraction, termination, pains are agonizing stain; Lying, dying, screaming in pain; Beggin...

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2. Annihilation Betrayer

There are no favors there are no saviors; False messiah; Compulsion of betrayers; Addicted to power; Disgusted; Now is the time; To strike back; Torture! into confession; Torture! death agony; Torture...

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3. Bloodbath

I've come to kill you; Watch you die in pain; I'm possessed by death; Worshiping evil; Conceived to kill; Living just to die; I feel the end has begun; My face shows no emotion; The mind of an animal ...

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4. Die In Pain

You have betrayed me and beat me down; Your visions are totally insane; You are unclean and you are the freak; I won't take any more shit; I feel nothing in myself only killing of you; I break you ins...

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5. Drenched In Blood

Mutilation, Incantation, Strangulation scared to die, to die; Desecration, suffocation, conformation, life ruled by fear, by fear; Feeling the hatred of those damned in hell; Eyes dripping blood, real...

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6. Eternal Pain

Death of emotion, birth of decay; Fear of the future, hope in the past; Mortal choice, burden of life; Asking myself; am I to die? Maliciously tortured, ripped to shreds, Innocent victims; Killed by d...

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7. Evil Force

Evil worship; Preaching and tempting; Confine you to a chamber; Deprived you of hope; Force Of Evil; Evil divine; Desire for drenched in blood; Darkened future; A world is full of blasphemy; Sacrifice...

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8. Feel The Hatred

Awaiting a messiah to save me from insanity; I see through the eyes, torture with brutality; Infernal darkness and pestilence, Mutilation has begun; Evil strikes with storming pain, bringer of death; ...

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9. Hate, Destruction, Kill

You try to fly with broken wings; You take off high to avoid death; Corpse of the wicked; Widespread grief and terror; Give me a sign that you exist at the threeshold; I'm coming from behind delight i...

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10. Haunted Victim

Twisted brain decays; Abstract world of pain; Anguished mind; Tortured after life; Submit to parasites; Thoughts drown in a mental haze; Extraction from reality; Feelings now devoured; Kill with hate;...

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11. Human Flesh

Fear me not but fear my hell; Man made me so I could kill; Eternal hate to men and world; Endless lust burned in my head; Kill with no regret; Piercing, impaling, no judgment; Eternal scream that slow...

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12. Kill and Possess

Satisfy the need, good day for killing; The ultimate sacrifice has come to us; Lusting for your flesh, forbidden desire; Sickened evil minds, manipulated death; Blood begins to boil, start the binge; ...

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13. Kill For Pleasure

The filthy sound of death and pain; Brings the pleasure that I need; The rotting hides, rotting flesh; Innocent victims cry out in pain; Bloody corpses make me feel great; Ripping out your eyes, teari...

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14. Lust and Desire

Ripping and crawling, it tears your apart; Lust and desire, all that I need; A time to kill; Sick lust fot skeletal flesh; Death's pointing at your head; No sense of crime in my mind; Malicious entity...

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15. Sdtd

A time is coming; All eyes shall see; To eliminate all future pain; Enter the ritual; Of life's desire; Revelation laid to rest; My life is evil; I bring your pain; Inject the venom; From inside; I wa...

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16. Sense Of Ignorance

Burn my eyes and try to blind me; Donâ??t need a reason for the pain Iâ??m feeling; I think Iâ??m going insane; The more intense, the sense of ignorance; Hate, breeds hate! The pain will never leave m...

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17. Sickness

I shall redeem myself from the clutch that grasp at my inner self; Looking inside your future uncertain; The fear grows as a sickness uncured; Sickness! Uncertain of being back; Sickness! Time of insa...

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