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1. At Times

at times - holding on to what for no reason - it seems that we forgot what we stand; for - building up just to be let down - spent your thoughts on something with no; worth - at times - we can feel so...

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2. Bucks

it must be easy to pin this on us when it was you who battled all along - but i'm; sorry and i won't take it - won't let you decide the right from wrong - i would let; you play your role and let it la...

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3. Fast Cars, Fast Women

and this time has changed me and what was i to do - you were changing, two; directions, pushing further falling farther from you - when there is no fault and i; won't even say - i enjoy learning thing...

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4. Learn To Forget

i would never thought i'd fall so low - now there's so much more that keeps me so far; above - i guess i've learned to forget because this time there is so much more - i; know this may feel so far fro...

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5. No Problem Solved

time has gone by - and you've given up, turned your back and walked away - never; explained any of your actions - stuck with your problems and nothing to say - it may; be out of reach but i know, i'll...

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6. Photo Finish

not one word - not a single statement that could forgive this - could replace it, never listened to apologies - unheard - and it's true i've heard excuses - but what; have you expected - it was you wh...

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7. Places Traded

trying so hard and failing so fast - hoping this weight will not last - it's you who; has it easy - just wait until your turn - now it's adding up and finally you'll face; the mess you made and never ...

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8. Said And Done

people around me are all the same - follow, depend, to get through their days -; you're just like them, turn to me - try to question all i believe - all that you said; never meant a fucking thing - i ...

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9. Should Have Known

i'd never thought i would get to the point of saying - the apprehension, the feelings; that i've felt - there's never been something so important and it's importance is so; much bigger than itself - a...

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10. Where It Lies

it's the loss of control that hurts the most - the fact that no one even knows which; direction we are heading - the things been lead, the times been spent - you give me; the strength to call it quits...

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