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1. Broken Dreams

In the darkest night; I don’t know where to hide. I lead my own life, but I’m not satisfied. ; Not for me, not for me , in the end; it’s not for me. Can’t you see, oh can’t you see, can’t you see it’s...

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2. Cry For Peace

Violence you see every day; and you like it this way; while the good people pay; and the holy men pray for nothing. ; Men with their sexual dreams; all the cynical schemes, little children will scream...

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3. Hopeless Addict

What is this inside me? Oh, I don’t know. Why can’t I just break free? I don’t know. ; No, it’s in my heart, it’s in my soul, it’s in my eyes see them as they glow, when I take the streets; Oh, every ...

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4. I Can See

No sense; In living poorly; When i got chances, I’ll make you see well. ; I clarified my doubts now; The people i will show how; There is no point in living; By the rules that they are giving. ; They ...

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5. My Nature

You’re gonna scream tonight baby. You’re gonna bleed all right maybe. We’ll have another fight you see. I really don’t care. ; Another one will come my way. To me you’re really all the same, But they ...

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6. Reaching For Nothing

In darkness I felt something inside, there is not much time. The highest mountain I must climb, but nothing I could find. Faster, faster have to go; What is it? I don’t know. Should I stop? I will say...

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